No Spending Update!

February No, Spend Month UPDATE!

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Last updated on March 17th, 2020 at 07:08 am

In February we decided to do a No Spend Month I had several requests to update you on how we did! If you missed the first blog you can read it here.

  • Food $0
  • Going Out to Dinner $49.29
  • Personal Items: $0
  • Pet’s: $0

I think we did great Ryan and Gillian went to the Butterfly Kisses Dance. We had this expence planned before the no spend month.

Butterfly KIsses Dance 2020 Daddy Daughter Dance


We have been doing fabulous with our food consumption. I think we did a pretty good job meal planning before we started this challenge. This time we DID NOT run out of creamer! I made sure of that this time! lol Coffee in the morning is a highlight for me.


Valentines day

Valentines Day

We typically don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s day anyway but this year being a no spend month we had fun without spending a dime. I sent Ryan a few fun gif texts and I wrote sweet notes for my kids and put them in their lunch boxes. We made a yummy homemade dinner at home and just enjoyed the evening.

I think you are cuter than Baby Yoda

I have to say that after a month of not shopping you would think I would want to run to the store and start spending as soon as March hit but that was not the case. We still had plenty of groceries so I waited to go until a few days into March. This challenge helps you plan and be more mindful of your spending habits.

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Have you tried a no spend month? Would you try it?

Sharing is caring!

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