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It’s time for another FREE 6-week workout challenge. Take your training to the next level, fast! Quick and powerful workouts to amplify your fitness in the shortest time possible.Rachael Newsham and Erin Maw will motivate you through six weeks of powerful training to amplify your fitness. Designed for intermediate exercisers, […]

Fast Blast Challenge

Strength Training and Why it is Important! www.innovativehealthfitness.com
Today I want to talk about Strength Training! Strength training will help your body burn more calories even when you are not doing anything.    Major Benefits of Strength Training Added strength, confidence, stronger bones, fat burn, and weight loss, better athletic performance, and fewer injuries. It’s a win-win-win-win. Get […]

Strength Training and Why it is Important!

Join my free Wellness Reset Challenge #yoga #mediation #wellness www.innovativehealthfitness.com 2 comments
With the kids back in school, it’s time to focus on us! Self-care is so important if we focus on taking care of ourselves we will be able to take care of others even better! Join us for a free Wellness Rest Challenge! Nurture your mind and body with six […]

Wellness Reset Challenge

Get PUMPED UP for summer with us! Our quick, effective & FUN workouts will have you feeling like your strongest, fittest self this summer! This 4-week challenge starts MONDAY, May 3rd & takes us up to Memorial Day weekend! Let's keep each other accountable! www.innovativehealthfitness.com 1 comment
Let’s Get PUMPED UP for summer with me! These quick, effective & FUN workouts will have you feeling like your strongest, fittest self this summer! This 4-week challenge starts MONDAY, May 3rd & takes us up to Memorial Day weekend! Let’s keep each other accountable! Are you in? Join Here I don’t […]

Get Pumped Up for Summer Challenge 2021

Fire up your fitness, build lean muscle, improve your heart health and look after your functional wellness with this optimal mix of cardio, strength and mind-body workouts. Doing 4-6 workouts a week you’ll get the training variety you need to drive results. https://lmod.go2cloud.org/SF24
I love a good workout plan and challenge! I was so excited to see that LES MILLS On Demand announced they just launched two new workout plans! Each plan has a non-equipment plan and an equipment plan! NEW OPTIMAL MIX WORKOUT PLANS OUT NOW ?? Need help deciding what workouts […]

Optimal Mix Workout Plan

Workouts Re-Imagined LES MILLS, the global leader in creating world-class fitness content, has partnered with Reebok. To celebrate the Official Shoe of Fitness. And launched three iconic workouts re-imagined. These new fan-favorite LES MILLS GRIT, BODYPUMP, and LES MILLS CORE workouts bring a fresh take on HIIT, strength, and core training. Backed by science, and presented by the world’s top trainer talent, you can expect motivation, satisfaction, and passion. www.innovativehealthfitness.com https://lmod.go2cloud.org/SF24

LES MILLS x Reebok Nano Series

Stronger Booster Challenge https://lmod.go2cloud.org/SF5m 2 comments
Are you ready for a new challenge? LES MILLS On Demand has put together three different challenges you can do depending on your fitness level! Three options. Four amazing trainers. Six weeks to amazing results. Choose from one of our three Booster Challenges below and in no time our awesome […]

LES MILLS On Demand Booster Challenge

cyber monday deals
So many great sales today I didn’t want you to miss out! RECOMMEND SIGNING UP FOR RAKUTEN IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! You’ll get $40 for signing up, and then CASH BACK on whatever you buy online! You just always start at Rakuten.com then type in the shop you want click activate to get the […]

Cyber Monday Deals

30 Day FitMAS Challenge https://mailchi.mp/7c8b73a7a942/fitmas2020 2 comments
The Holiday Season is here but that doesn’t mean we have to forget our goals! This time of year can be busy and overwhelming. That is why it’s even more important to take time for you! This challenge will help you stay motivated and on track during this holiday season! […]

FitMAS Challenge 2020

I wanted to put together this blog to help answer the most frequently asked questions I get about LES MILLS On Demand. Please leave me a comment if I forgot anything thing! WHERE IS LES MILLS ON DEMAND AVAILABLE? LES MILLS On Demand membership is currently available in the following […]


Bodypump Review
As I was working away at the Elliptical I would see through the glass wall this amazing class using Barbells! It looked like so much fun!! I could hear the motivating music even through my headphones… December 30, 2013, I finally got the courage to step into my very first […]


Fall Into Fitness https://mailchi.mp/45aae82db698/rtj9ki5srf 1 comment
Hello September!! A new month, means time for a new challenge? Will you join us? Free 30 Day LES MILLS On Demand Challenge Fall Into Fitness workout challenge is here! Energizing, HITT, strength, toning, sculpting workouts! WORKOUTS THAT FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE Access high-energy, effective workouts, anytime, anywhere. Are you ready for […]

Fall Into Fitness Challenge 2020

Summer Slim Down www.innovativehealthfitness.com https://lmod.go2cloud.org/SF24 3 comments
Free 30 Day LES MILLS On Demand Challenge Summer Slim Down workout challenge is here! Energizing, HITT, strength, toning, sculpting workouts! WORKOUTS THAT FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE Access high-energy, effective workouts, anytime, anywhere. It’s Summer Time! Summer is here and I am so excited for our next workout challenge! Unlimited toning […]

Summer Slim Down Workout Challenge

Home workout challenge 4 comments
Free 30 Day LES MILLS On Demand Challenge WORKOUTS THAT FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE Access high-energy, effective workouts, anytime, anywhere. With so many of us at home now is the perfect time to work on our bikini bodies. I know that summer this year will look a bit different than normal […]

Home Workout Challenge

How to get the motivation to work out at home 10 comments
Right now it is a bit easier than ever to workout at home since all the gyms are closed and we are all staying home. But yet it still can be hard to find the motivation to workout from home. Home school, Kids, Husbands, Wives, house work, working from home, […]

How to get the motivation to work out at home

Quarantine-30-Day-Home-Workout-Challenge 2 comments
 Quarantine Home Workouts 30 Day LES MILLS On Demand  Challenge!  With all of us at home and gyms closed this is the perfect time to try home workouts! During this challenge, we’ll move and sweat together, we’ll eat nutrient-packed and delicious meals, we’ll practice meditation and self-care, and offer each […]

Quarantine Home Workout 30 Day Challenge

Have you eaten one too many quarantined snacks already? via GIPHY Emotional or even bored eating is normal when things are uncertain – – Why not try a new, FUN home workout and put those snacks DOWN! 😉  You can grab a FREE 21 Day Trial of LES MILLS ON Demand right now!   HOME […]

Unlimited Free Home Workouts for 21 Days!

Spring-Into-Fitness March Challenge
Hello March!!  “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”  — Jessica Harrelson Well hello, March! Can you feel it there is a change in the air! I know Spring is still a few weeks away but I feel like this winter has been a long colder […]

Spring into Fitness 21 Day Challenge