12 Days of Fitness

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    Strength Training and Why it is Important!

    Today I want to talk about Strength Training! Strength training will help your body burn more calories even when you are not doing anything.    Major Benefits of Strength Training Added strength, confidence, stronger bones, fat burn, and weight loss, better athletic performance, and fewer injuries. It’s a win-win-win-win. Get Stronger Who doesn’t want to be stronger!? One of the benefits of lifting weights is getting stronger. And, most important to building stronger muscles is to lift heavyweights. Lifting light weights is great for muscle endurance, but lifting heavier weights actually builds strength. By lifting heavy weights and compound exercises like deadlifts, rows, and squats. Getting stronger makes everyday chores…

  • Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. -Tony Robbins quote

    Setting Goals

    Today I want to talk about Goals!           Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins Write down your goals! What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? Where are you currently at with your health? Getting into the habit of journaling your thoughts daily can help improve your mindset as well! “If you cab dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney  Follow these steps to successful goal setting. If your goals are important enough for you to set them, I want you to achieve them. Get super clear about your goal – BE specific As you…

  • 12 days of fitness

    12 Days of Fitness

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also be a very stressful time of year! That’s why I have put together a fun new free series 12 days of Fitness! Every day for 12 days you’ll be receiving an email full of healthy lifestyle tips to help you not just survive but THRIVE this holiday season. Plus I will be doing a couple of giveaways during this free challenge! You can sign up for my free 12 days of fitness below! Looking for a little extra motivation to keep you on track this holiday season? I’ve got you with this free 12 days of fitness with…