Carnivore Diet Recipes

Keto Taco Shell For crunchy hard low-carb taco shells, just make them out of cheese! Simply melt in rounds, shape, and let cool.
These Keto Taco Shells are absolutely delicious and so easy to make! And since it is Taco Tuesday I thought it would only be appropriate to share a carnivore, keto taco shell recipe with you today! This recipe is super easy to make! Pre Heat the oven to 375*F Place […]

Keto Taco Shells

Carnivore Coffee Recipe l Must try coffee recipe for low car, keto or carnivore l
I absolutely love coffee and before I started my carnivore journey I was a creamer addict. People would joke that I had more creamer in my coffee than coffee. Haha The first few weeks on the carnivore diet I was still adding creamer to my coffee. My husband had the […]

Carnivore Coffee