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Getting started with exercise?

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable, moisture wicking clothing and a good pair of athletic shoes (or barefoot for yoga!). PS: Always have a water bottle near by to stay hydrated!

How often and how intense should I be working out?

The CDC recommends  2 1/2 hours or 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (ie: Brisk Walk or hike)  a week and two to three strength training sessions a week. You decide how, when, and where! The options are endless. Just get moving!

How do I know if I’m doing it right?

Good form equals good results. Read the instructions we provide, but more importantly, listen to your body.

*Muscle fatigue means “Wow! I’m working hard, I can barely do another rep.”

*Muscle pain means ”Ouch! Something doesn’t feel right.”

Work to muscle fatigue. Never work through muscle pain.

Help! What’s a set?

Here’s some help decoding fitness terms:

  • Rep: Short for repetition. The number of times you perform an exercise.
  • Set: The number of rounds of repetitions.
  • Cardio: It’s heart-pumping exercise that gets you breathing through your mouth, not your nose. The difference between “window shopping and mall walking.”
  • Strength Training: Working your muscles. You could be lifting weights, using a resistance band, or doing bodyweight exercises.
  • Flexibility: Stretching your muscles and mind-body exercises like yoga

Sharing is caring!

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