"Discover the surprising benefits of embracing nature this fall! ­čŹé Learn why leaving your leaves unraked can create a thriving, eco-friendly garden, providing natural mulch, habitat for wildlife, and a haven for essential pollinators like bees. ­čÉŁ­čî┐ Say goodbye to the rake and hello to a sustainable, beautiful backyard! #SustainableLandscaping #BeeFriendlyGarden #NoRakeNovember"

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Building Our Raised Beds Building Our Raised Beds was so much fun! Do you garden? I love gardening and love learning more and more each year. I am particularly┬áexcited for this year’s vegetable garden because it’s at our new house! We have decided to build raised beds because the location […]

Building Our Raised Beds

Old Green House 2 comments
Greenhouse Demo Greenhouse Before Lot so fun things have been going on around the new house! We started to demo the old greenhouse! I really wanted to save it! The idea of having a greenhouse just excites me so much! But unfortunately, the greenhouse that was here was not savable. […]

Greenhouse Demo