My First Born is off to College

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This blog has been sitting in my drafts since August! I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to finally sit down and write this blog! I guess it’s because this whole new adventure has been emotional for me as a Mom! With Jack off to college away from home has been a bit of an adjustment. I knew it was going to be challenging but I was unaware how much I would miss him!

Thanksgiving break is next week and I am counting down the days until Jack arrives home for break! This has been the longest I have been away from him. Another reason I wanted to get this blog post finally put together! It doesn’t belong in my drafts!

Things they don’t prepare you for as a parent!

I feel as a parent no one really talks about how it feels when your child goes off to college. We talk about how hard the infant stage is, terrible twos… But what we fail to talk about is how hard it is to let your child go and let them become their own person! It’s so exciting and a wonderful time but also full of emotions. Are they ready? Did you teach them enough?

The Week Before We Left!

We had so much to do packing, laundry, and shopping for items he would need. Plus were going to be camping the night before he could move into his dorm and then Ryan and I were going to stay with some friends before heading home. We loaded up the camper and Jack’s car the night before we left!


Moving Day!

Jack drove his car and I road with him while Ryan drove his truck with our camper! We had a 6-hour drive ahead of us. I treasure this long drive with my son! Once we got into town we found a cool campground and then went out to dinner.

After dinner, Ryan surprised us with our projector and a canvas to watch a movie! That was so much fun!

Move-in Day!

The elevator was broken so it was a bit of a workout to get everything to his second-floor dorm room. He is lucky to have a room all to himself! We moved everything in, rearranged the room, and started to decorate!

He has a large window with a nice ledge perfect for his plants!

I think his room turned out great!

His dorm room! On the other side of the room has another bed and desk.

His desk area is next to his coffee station and microwave. Since he has two of everything the dresser under his microwave is full of coffee, tea, and snacks. His bed was originally under the window but he wanted his desk here instead to look out the window while doing homework!

After the room was finished walked around campus, Jack got his student ID and went to the bookstore to buy a couple of shirts!

You are going to do amazing Jack! So proud of you!

Jack had one last box in the camper to bring up to his room. He grabbed the box and we said our final See you later! I actually wasn’t prepared to leave him at this point I had thought we would go back to his dorm with him one last time. But he was ready for his new adventure! I’m so happy for him but my Mama heart hurts!! Not to anyone’s surprise I started to cry as he gave me one last hug before we left. It was so hard watching him walk away. But I am excited about this adventure for him!

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I tearfully got into the truck and we were off to our next adventure. While Jack was getting settled in before classes started that Monday Ryan and I drove to our friend’s house for their baby shower. We were already halfway to their house so we thought it was a great opportunity to see them! It was a nice distraction, but I definitely broke down a couple of times on the drive there.

It’s been an adjustment not having him home but he is happy and doing great with his classes!!

I am so excited to see him this weekend!

Kristin l

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