8 Ways to BOOST YOUR MOTIVATION to Work Out More!

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Last updated on October 21st, 2019 at 01:00 pm


“Don’t wish for it WORK for it!”

Are you in need of some motivation to start a new workout routine or to stay on track with your health goals. Here are my eight tip to boost your motivation to workout more!  Let’s get motivated to workout more, get moving and  getting healthy.

1.) Envision that post workout “high”

I just love that post workout feeling! Don’t you? You know there is only one way to get it. Ready. Set. GO!!!

2.) Set realistic fitness goals.

Divide bigger aspirations into smaller checkpoints. Making each a triumph of their own.

3.) Visual Goal

Hang a picture of yourself at your goal weight, this can help you remember why you started working out  in the first place.

4.) Time for yourself..

Whether you sweat to de-stress or simply to escape, think of working out as high-intensity “me” time! Go ahead you deserve it!

5.) Try Something new.

Relighting your fitness fire can be as easy as changing up your routine. Start by updating your playlist! A great song can really help get you moving. Pick up beat fun songs.

6.) Reward yourself.

If completing a workout isn’t incentive enough, treat yourself for working out…. like with some new workout clothes! I just love ne workout clothes, gets me excited for my next workout.

7.) Focus on the big picture.

Being active makes you happier and healthier -not to mention helps you live longer! If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

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 8.) Do something you Enjoy!

Pick exercises and workouts you like to do. Working out doesn’t have to be a drag make it fun and enjoyable!


I hope these tips help you stay motivated!



Happy Exercising!







Sharing is caring!

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